How To Not Fall Victim To a Locksmith Scam

Several complaints have been reported concerning  locksmith scams. Do not let yourself become a victim. Pay close attention to the ads that you respond to concerning locksmith services in Nashville, TN. If you suspect that you have found a ghost locksmith you should report it immediately to the police non-emergency number – 615-862-8600.

Beware of Ghost Locksmiths in Nashville, TN

Watch out for the ghost...locksmiths

There is no such thing as ghosts, right? That is what we like to tell ourselves, but ghost locksmiths in Nashville, TN have been scamming citizens out of their hard earned money. Google has been recently flooded with a mass amount of fake advertisements for locksmith services. These scam artists have not just targeted Nashville but also the surrounding cities.

The reality is that they are placing ads for locksmith services around the nation. These imposters make themselves appear to be real live local locksmiths that are trustworthy and widely known. In real life, these “locksmith” are not licensed and come from call centers that are anonymous. These people have been called ghosts because they are nearly impossible to track down.

Who You Gonna Call for Professional Locksmith Services Nashville, TN?

Consumers feel lulled into a false comfort by the advertisements because they contain real local addresses and seem like trustworthy ads. These so called locksmiths often show up in vehicles that are completely unmarked. Most reliable locksmiths use their company vehicles as another form of advertising.

Be sure to use these tips to identify a ghost locksmith. Professional locksmith services in Nashville aren’t hard to come by. You simply need to make sure you are employing the services of trustworthy individuals.

We’re a reliable professional company that takes great pride in providing licensed locksmith services to Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. This one of a kind company has received fantastic reviews from customers who have used their services. ABC Lock and Key offers a long line of locksmith services including:

We’re Real, We’re Local

Our locksmith van in front of our storefront

ABC Lock and Key is not a scam company. They are the real deal. There are ways that you can identify a ghost locksmith so that you are not taken advantage of. First, you can hire ABC Lock and Key. If you must research your other options first, be sure that you watch out for unmarked vehicles.

You should also be wary if a locksmith is unable to provide you with their license. (Our license number is You should also be cautious of a locksmith that shows up not wearing a uniform. A name tag should be present on the uniform. You should ask for a business card from the locksmith. If they are unable to produce a card from the company that you contacted, you should be extra cautious.