Why You Have to Choose a Nashville Locksmith  Before You Need One

For many people, the first time they have an experience with a Nashville locksmith is in an emergency situation. They have either locked themselves out of their car or their home and they need to get inside ASAP.

Typically a customer who finds himself locked out will use his smart phone and search for a locksmith. Unfortunately, the urgency of the moment often means the customer will call the first locksmith he finds and in Nashville, Tennessee that can be a problem.

We have plenty of reputable, licensed locksmith services in Nashville but we also have companies who hold themselves out as a local locksmith who are in fact not. They are marketing companies who will take a lead (your call) and then feed it to one of the “locksmiths” in Nashville that pay for the lead service.

When the “locksmith” arrives you will find that the price you were quoted on the phone and the price the technician wants to charge are quite different. But it’s raining or cold or you are late so you go ahead and pay the higher price.

Advice from a licensed locksmith on how to choose a locksmith

ABC Lock and Key Inc is a family owned locksmith shop that has been in business in Nashville for over two decades. You don’t last in this business that long unless you deliver value and you have a solid reputation and of course excellent customer service.

We think that the best way to avoid dealing with less than reputable locksmiths is to find one that you trust…before you need him.

Think about the other emergencies you have experienced. If the plumbing backs up or the power goes out or you break a tooth on a Sunday night your only concern is to find someone fast.

If you were shopping for furniture or a new laptop or even a restaurant you would take the time to know the product, read reviews and comparison shop before you made a purchase. The same concept applies to locksmith services.

Check out Angies List or Yelp or Google Place reviews to see what other people are saying about a locksmith you are considering. Once you have a couple that interest you call them up and explain that you don’t have an immediate requirement but you would like to get some information for future use. A professional will take the time to answer your questions.

Check For A Locksmith License

The State of Tennessee requires that locksmiths be licensed. Ask for the locksmith’s license number which you can later check for accuracy at the Department of Commerce and Insurance website. Get a list of references and a range of fees for different services.

If everything meets your satisfaction, load the company name and phone number in your smart phone.

So in the event you have an emergency, or you just want a quote on a new locking system for your sliding patio doors, you will already have “a friend in the business” you can call.

All of us at ABC Lock and Key hope that you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 615-251-3051