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Tips To Remember Your Keys

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

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It’s 1:30 am. You’ve just returned home from a long night out at the bars with your friends, and you go to pull your house key out of your pocket (after you’ve safely returned home thanks to an Uber ride). To your dismay, you realize that your pocket, is, in fact, empty. That’s no good! “It’s 2017,” you think to yourself, “Getting locked out of my own place just shouldn’t be a thing anymore!” Well, here at ABC Lock & Key, we think that you’re right. Getting locked out is a total bummer, and spending a cold, sad night out on the pavement of your driveway while you’re cursing your roommates is even worse. Fortunately, our team of expert locksmiths can help you out.

Locked Out? Your Nashville Local Locksmith Experts Can Help!

We’re not your parents, so there’s not really anything that we can to do ensure that you take your keys with you everywhere you go. Besides keyless entry solutions, what we can do is get you back into your place of residence, any time of the day or the night. To help you avoid the nightmare scenario described in detail above, we’re going to go over a few useful tips to help you remember your keys (and other valuable belongings) prior to your departure. The realization that you’ve forgotten something important is a cringe-worthy one, and we want to do anything we can to help you avoid that!

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Keep Your Items In The Same Spot

As it turns out, Newton was really onto something – objects at rest really do stay at rest! The most important element to remembering your keys, among other valuable, everyday items, is to constantly leave them in the same spot. Whether you put them in a bowl on your kitchen counter or hang them up next to your garage door opener or bedroom window, store them in the same spot. That way, your brain will associate a particular spot with your car keys.

Use a Lanyard or a Carabiner to Carry Your Keys

Something bulkier is hard to forget, and if you’re just carrying around a single car key, you can practically kiss it goodbye. Consider hanging all of your keys on a lanyard, which you can then swing around pompously like you’ve just gotten your first car in high school. If you really want to rep the 80s aesthetic, wearing a fanny pack around to safely tote your keys around is also cool.

Place Clocks In Strategic Locations

Knowing the time won’t necessarily help you find your keys, but many times, we forget things simply because we don’t have the time to check for them. Clocks and other time-keeping devices can help remind us of our sense of responsibility, returning our minds to the real world. Plus, the more conscious you are of the time, the more likely you are to arrive early or on-time.

Create a Memorable Acronym

Sure, the acronym “W.P.K.” (wallet, phone, keys) doesn’t mean much, but whatever’s clever will help you remember your personal belongings on the way out the door. It’s not our job to be creative about it, and besides, we don’t know what you’re most likely to remember. Make something up and have fun with it!

Get Organized With A Dry Erase Board

Why not? Dry erase boards are easy, fun, and allow you to draw or write whatever you please on it. Dry erase boards are especially helpful if you live with roommates, and they’re even better if you have conflicting schedules. A lot of people seem to hang their keys right next to or right underneath a whiteboard located in a common space, and that seems to work for them. Again, we’re not here to tell you how to organize your life, but our local locksmiths can bail you out should the occasion arise.

Our Nashville Top Rated Local® Locksmiths Have Your Back

Things happen, and we know that people get locked out. It’s a fact of life. Thanks to the help of our residential locksmith services, we can bail you out in no time! Contact ABC Lock & Key today with any questions.

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