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Emergency Numbers You Should Have Saved In Your Phone

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

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Does anyone really memorize phone numbers anymore – or memorize much of anything, for that matter? By looking up a contact or doing a quick internet search about nearly anything, we have instant access to information thanks to the power of smartphones. These pocket computers are capable of doing so much that, really, we take it for granted on a daily basis. Still, in light of this technological convenience, what would you do if you wanted to look up a phone number on the internet, but couldn’t due to a poor cell signal?

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This brings in the notion of saving important phone numbers in your smartphone’s contacts application. Again, these days, it’s hardly expected for anyone to have phone numbers memorized, even the numbers of close friends and family, let alone important businesses or coworkers. If you find yourself in a freak situation where you’re suddenly locked out of your apartment or your car, wouldn’t it be nice to have your local locksmith’s number on deck when you need it the most? No one plans on calling their 24-hour locksmith, but hey, stuff happens.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to go over some important contacts that you should probably have saved in your phone. From your own mother to your cranky boss, read more below from your Nashville commercial locksmith. If you have any questions about our locksmith services or changing locks and keys, get in touch with ABC Lock & Key today!

Your ICE Contact(s)

No, we don’t mean your local supplier of ice for all of your favorite chilled beverages, but your “in case of emergency” contact(s). Whether your ICE contact is your mom, dad, other family member or legal guardian, make it easy for emergency responders to find your family contacts when they need to. We hope that a situation never arises where an emergency contact is needed, but unexpected mishaps occur all of the time, so it’s best to be prepared.

To take things a step farther, open up a note-taking app on your smartphone. Write down the name and number of your emergency contacts, and then screenshot that note, using it as your lock screen. That way, if your phone is locked and you’re unable to unlock it for some reason, emergency responders still have access to this important information.

Your Local Police Department

Not all reasons to contact the police involve the severity of a 911 call. For non-emergency purposes, having your local police department’s non-emergency number saved in your phone is a smart move. That way, you won’t need to search for it online. We’d hardly expect anyone to have the non-emergency number memorized, but let’s be real – “911” is a pretty easy number to memorize.

Poison Control

Sometimes, the unimaginable or unexpected occurs, and suddenly, you’re staring in disbelief at your six-year-old cousin who just ingested a gallon of Clorox. Seriously, though, having your local poison control center’s number could actually prove to be very valuable – did you know that every 13 seconds, the U.S. Poison Centers receive a call about someone being exposed to a poisonous substance? Yikes.

Your Next Door and Nearby Neighbors

Who could be any closer to you and your home than your next door neighbors? If you don’t know them (or just think they’re downright strange), get to know them, because they might very well save your life or just be of assistance when you need them the most. Plus, you’ll be able to give them some fair warning when you’re coming over to borrow some sugar.

Your Coworkers

Feeling under the weather, or just looking for someone to cover your shift? Without your coworkers’ contact information, there’s no way to get in touch with them. There’s nothing that says you’re obligated to hang out with them and attend their weekly post-work bar hangouts, but being able to get in contact with them is a smart idea.

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