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Holiday Key Tips: Halloween Edition

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

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The store displays are changing, the decorations are starting to appear, the leaves are starting to fall, and it can only mean that Halloween is on its way. There are so many amazing activities that can be enjoyed during the month of October, from hayrides to pumpkin patches, to trick-or-treating and more. However, all these fun new activities also mean there’s a chance of having some less enjoyable things take place, such as losing your keys in the process. The last thing you want is to lose your keys in a corn maze, or worse, a haunted house, and have to go back and look for them.

Luckily, the expert locksmiths at ABC Lock & Key are here to help. Having served Nashville for over 16 years, we are your trusted locksmiths of choice. We’ve dealt with just about every possible situation involving keys (and the loss of them), from car key replacements to being locked out of your house and everything in between. Take a look at some key things you can do to enjoy all that fall has to offer, while also keeping track of your keys in the process. When the situation arises, call ABC Lock & Smith for locksmith services that are scary good.

Corn Maze

Like we briefly mentioned, a corn maze in the Nashville area can be a super fun activity for you to partake in! Less fun, however, is losing your keys and having no idea where they went down. Sometimes we lose our keys without even realizing it, so make sure you check everything before you even leave the lot. Best case scenario, your keys are in a weird pocket. Worst case scenario, they have become a part of the corn maze.

Check with staff at the corn maze first to see if anything turned up. No such luck? If you’re with a group, or if the corn maze is about to close, your best bet is to call our locksmiths. You don’t want to hold people up, and if nothing is turning up, it’s best just to get a replacement. Our emergency locksmith services mean we will try to come to you within 30 minutes to get you set up and on your way. And hey, if you end up getting the keys back, you’ll have a spare set for any future corn maze situations.

Haunted House

There are so many amazing haunted houses to check out in the Nashville area, and all of them are sure to entertain. This includes that room where a headless zombie reached out towards you, and you ended up jumping and screaming accordingly. In the midst of feeling like you were about to be murdered, it’s no wonder your keys slipped out of your pocket.

Talk with a worker first, because they might be able to go back to look for things in a better way. After all, they know the area fairly well and won’t have to be terrified in the process. As always, if you are unable to find your keys (or the staff isn’t able to either), thank them for their time, and contact our locksmiths to get the help you need.


If you’re taking your kids or accompanying a friend’s kids trick-or-treating (read: trying to get the best candy), this is a classic event where misplacing keys can happen. It’s dark out, there’s a lot going on in the neighborhood, and it’s pretty common for keys to get misplaced during trick-or-treating. Especially if you have younger kids, this requires more attention and it’s easier for things to get lost in the process.

You could retrace your steps with a flashlight, trying to find your keys. Or you could just call the experts at ABC Lock & Key to get emergency locksmith services. If you have a spare, but are worried about having a missing key somewhere out there, it might be in your interest to get locks replaced (and corresponding keys as well).

There are tons of amazingly festive things to do in the Nashville area this Halloween season, and losing your keys should never be a hindrance. Work with the experts at ABC Lock & Key to get the locksmith services you can count on. Whether it’s an emergency for replacing home keys or being locked out of your car, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today!