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When to Call an Emergency Locksmith

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

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Even if you haven’t heard the specific term “PKW,” it’s probably something you do multiple times a day. For many of us, before we step out of any door, we feel around to make sure we have the crucial elements of PKW, those being your phone, your keys, and your wallet. We check and double check and perhaps even triple check to ensure that we have everything we need, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Whether you’re in need of an auto locksmith or locksmith services for your residence, there might be times when more than anything, you need help right away. Regular locksmiths might have standard hours of operation, but there are certain situations that simply can’t fit the standard. Read on to see when it’s a good idea to call an emergency locksmith, and contact ABC Lock and Key for 24-hour locksmith services and more!

If time is an issue.

While there’s never really a good time to lose your keys, there are certainly times when finding a solution is of a higher priority. You could be ready to drive to the airport, when you realize your keys are sitting on the front seat of your car. Or perhaps you have an important meeting at work, or time-sensitive paperwork to turn in, or you’re in the wedding party—the possibilities could go on and on. No matter what, you’ll be the one to know when time is an issue in the context of losing your keys.

Avoid the panic by working with an emergency locksmith. The purpose of a 24-hour locksmith is to help you out in these exact types of situations. Keys don’t get lost when you want them to, which is why an emergency locksmith should be called when time is of the essence. Have ABC Lock and Key saved in your phone—it’s better to be prepared than to end up wishing you had been.

If safety could be potentially compromised.

A break-in is a completely scary situation, and such an invasion of privacy. The first thing to ensure in the event of a break-in is that everyone is safe, but the last thing you want is to feel exposed once more with a lack of properly installed locks. If a break-in happens to you, don’t wait until a store opens up to secure your home once more—this is a prime example of when to call an emergency locksmith.

ABC Lock and Key is honored to serve the Nashville area with 24-hour emergency key and locksmith services, because your security is our highest priority. We will be there for you as soon as you need us, no matter what time of day or night.

If you are concerned about your valuables.

Being locked out of your house or apartment is the worst, but at the very least, you can rest a little bit easier if your home is locked. Even if you can’t get into your home, there’s slight comfort in knowing that no one else can either.

However, if your home is unlocked and your keys are nowhere to be found, this can lead to varying amounts of ensuing anxiety. You’ll eventually have to leave, but you also don’t want to leave your home unlocked. When this happens, calling an emergency locksmith is your best bet. Worst case scenario, your keys turn up eventually, meaning you’ll have a backup set in case anything happens in the future. Considering the alternative worst-case scenarios if you leave your home unlocked, it’s a better call to work with emergency locksmith services.

We can be as cautious as can be when it comes to remembering PKW. Yet even if you try your best to be prepared, we know that the age old adage can ring true: anything that can happen, will happen. At ABC Lock and Key, we hope nothing happens to your keys and your locks. But more than anything, we hope that you will be prepared in the event that something unfortunate does take place. Our 24-hour locksmiths are prepared for the worst, and will help you in the best way possible. Serving the Nashville area for years, we’ve got your back. Call ABC Lock and Key today!