Even More Tips on Opening Your Storefront

Welcome back to our blog series on opening your very own storefront! This exciting and challenging time is one that you’ll be sure to remember—but how the opening goes will determine whether these memories are going to be wonderfully nostalgic or bitingly stressful. With ABC Lock & Key at your side, you have little to fear—we’re not only experienced in all things locksmith-related, but also in opening our storefront located in the heart of Nashville. Find some other storefront tips and tricks in our blog, and give us a call for commercial locksmith services, automotive locksmith services, rekeying, and everything in between!

Create your team.

Of course, the number of people you need and the roles you need fulfilled will change as your business progresses. However, you’ll definitely need some people at the start, or at the very least, need to figure out various responsibilities. It’s a good idea to draft up contracts and job descriptions (and consider speaking with a lawyer). This is a great measure to take, not only from a legal standpoint, but because it helps you organize various tasks and priorities, and practice delegation.

Ideally, you’ll figure out the kind of values and working styles you want on your team, as well as consider the overall culture. A business is only as good as its team, and if you set aside time to develop a solid working climate, you’ll see the results (and keep great workers around, too).

Get the word out.

You’re opening a business! This is a huge day! Not only does this need to be celebrated, but this is the time to make your presence in the community known. Host a grand opening or open house, offer some especially great deals, and feature some loyalty perks from the get-go to encourage people coming back.

In order to make all this happen—and happen successfully—you need to make sure everyone knows about your new business. Advertise through social media, continue to build up your web presence, spread the word through family and friends, and try to get as many people as possible to come by. Granted, the success of an opening day does not determine your business’ success overall. But people will need to know about your storefront in order for you to have a chance at making it. Whether it’s the first day or the fifth day of opening your storefront, drawing people into your establishment is essential for building a client base.

Figure out the details.

How will workers be getting paid? Do you take checks, in addition to cards and cash? When does inventory need to be taken, and when do orders need to be placed? These seemingly tiny, minute details add up really fast, and the more you can plan ahead, the better. It practically goes without saying that not everything can be figured out before you open your storefront, but being as prepared as possible can save you time, money, and confusion.

In order to properly figure out the details, think about an ordinary day in your storefront. Visualize (and perhaps write down) everything that happens. For each scenario or moment—such as “someone opens the store”—think about everything that needs to take place in order for this moment to occur.

With all that being said, flexibility is just as important as planning ahead. Recognizing that not everything is going to be perfect or run smoothly is part of being an effective business owner. Try to take control of the things you can now, and accept that when other things come up, you’ll find a solution in a calm and rational manner.

Prepare for the worst.

It might sound pessimistic, but having an emergency plan is essential for the safety of yourself, your team, and your customers. Things happen, and emergencies rarely choose a time that’s most convenient. Here are just a few ways you can think ahead and have a plan in mind:


Building codes mandate you have the proper materials on hand for dealing with a fire, such as a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. In addition to these materials, you should establish a fire escape plan that every employee is aware of.

Severe Weather

In Nashville, we’ve definitely had our fair share of inclement weather. Certain storms of higher intensities can cause power outages, so it’s beneficial to have a lantern or flashlight on hand. Larger buildings (or businesses that have a much higher need for energy) might want to consider investing in a backup generator—though this is really only necessary if constant energy supply is required.

Slow Season

Not every business has an “off season,” but if yours does, you know the impact this can have. It makes sense that your winter gear storefront won’t be renting out as many snowshoes come July, but you should have a plan in mind for maintaining income and revenue that can take you through the slow times. As a second option, work towards making your business the type that can function solidly throughout the entire year. Maybe instead of solely renting out those snowshoes, you add stand-up paddleboards or guided hiking expeditions to your repertoire.


They say nothing gold can stay, and the same is true for your furnace. Or your air conditioner, or your massive greenhouse light, or oven, or anything else that’s bound to break down at some point. It’s OK if you don’t have enough money to cover these breakdowns right now, but it’s important to have a savings account that can specifically help cover these expenses as they arise. Even putting a little of your monthly revenue into this account can make a huge difference down the road.


As iconic as a Pulp Fiction break-in and stick-up can be, you absolutely do not want this happening with your business. The proper safety measures should be taken to ensure your business and everyone there are safe and secure, at all times. While a stick-up is truly just some bad luck, there are a number of precautions you can take to protect against a break-in, and ABC Lock & Key is here to help.

Our commercial locksmith services can provide you with security measures you can trust. We offer help with changing locks and keys, which can be great for taking over a building that had previous owners. Additionally, ABC Lock & Key provides rekeying, panic bar installation and repair, door closers, access control locks, keypads, deadbolt installation, and so much more.

As Nashville’s trusted locksmith of choice, we’ve helped people who’ve been locked out of their homes, cars, and businesses for years, and we’d be honored to work with you. When your business is about to open, there are a ton of things to consider, but ABC Lock & Key can make this step in security your easiest to-do to complete. Simply give our locksmiths a call to get your storefront secure and ready for opening day.

Should I Change or Rekey My Locks?

It’s maybe not a common question for people outside the locksmith world, but it’s one we hear a lot at ABC Lock & Key. We have tons of locksmith services, and can help if you’re locked out of your house or car, replace locks, and everything in between. When you know it’s time for a new lock or key system, it’s helpful to know your options, and decide on which would work best for you and your home.

Whether you need a commercial locksmith for your business, a residential locksmith for your home, or an automotive locksmith for your car or motorcycle, you need ABC Lock & Key. We’d be more than happy to help you determine if you need to rekey or your locks changed! Get some more answers to this question in our blog, and contact our team to learn more!

What’s the difference?

We’ve covered this briefly before, but it’s always great to refresh information. See the difference in changing versus rekeying locks:

Changing Locks Rekeying Locks
Removing the lock from the door, and installing an entirely new lock and corresponding key(s)

Keeping the lock, but changing the internal mechanism of the lock. Outside, the lock looks the same, but it requires a new set of keys

Take a look at some of the scenarios that you might encounter for changing or rekeying locks, and find out which process would work best.

If you’ve had a change in living situations:

Whether the roommate or relationship has changed, this is usually a great time to get some locks changed or rekeyed. We’re not super keen on talking about relationships gone wrong, but things happen, and it’s best to address situations head on. If that break-up or roommate fallout is starting to resemble something from Fatal Attraction, it’s probably time to change the keys.

Lock Solution: Rekeying

Why: You probably don’t need new locks—changing the inner lock mechanism will still result in new keys, and a new sense of safety.

If you’re renovating your house:

Changing up the house means changing lots of things, and even though this is a time of expenses, it’s also not a time to skimp out on details. You’ve dreamed of this home remodel, and you want (and deserve) everything to look the way you imagine it.

Lock Solution: Changing locks

Why: The bronze locks and doorknobs might have once matched your home’s interior, but if you’re updating to stainless steel or something else that’s completely different, it’s going to look a bit “off.” Changing locks means changing the exterior, and this will subsequently make everything match in a more cohesive manner.

If your lock is difficult:

As normal as it might feel to lift the door slightly, pull the key out a millimeter, and jiggle it around until it finally clicks and unlocks, know that this isn’t the case. It might be a minor inconvenience for you, but it could prove to be a bigger issue in other situations. Requiring a dog sitter, needing someone to check those plants while you’re gone, or simply providing access to your home could be difficult, if not impossible. Changing or rekeying now is a much better option.

Lock Solution: Speak with a locksmith from ABC Lock & Key

Why: We can take a look at the lock and its interior and determine the best course of action, and give you a quick recommendation.

In a future blog, we’ll cover some more instances of rekeying or changing the locks of your home. Until then, know that you can always trust the team at ABC Lock & Key to help you figure out the best course of action for changing your locks and keys. Give us a call today to get the best locksmith services in Nashville!

Choose ABC for Your Commercial Locksmith

When you run a business, there are so many things that you have to manage. Guiding and leading your employees, keeping track of sales and inventory, interacting with the customers—the list could simply keep going. It’s far too easy for certain things to end up falling to the wayside—because with a priority list as long as yours, who can possibly keep track of it all?

615-456-5625. That’s the number you want to have on hand, because that’s how you can get ahold of ABC Lock & Key. With all the things you have going on, you’ll find it’s incredibly wonderful to have someone on hand that you know you can rely on. ABC Lock & Key should absolutely be that person for you, because our commercial locksmiths can take care of those smaller items on your to-do list efficiently and swiftly. Security should be a high priority item, but not one that you need to worry about. Find out in our blog why you should let our locksmiths help with your business, and give us a call to get started!

We can help you prepare your new business…

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, opening a new storefront has a number of challenges, and you’ll have tons of things that you’re trying to get done. While you’re figuring out opening day and hiring a brand new staff, take a moment to call ABC Lock & Key and quickly discuss what you’re looking for. We can update your locks and keys, install keypads, and perform practically any other commercial locksmith services you need to ensure your business’ security. We’ll be quick and take care of these safety measures, giving you one less thing to worry about as you prepare for this brand new chapter.

…or update your current one.

Maybe your business has grown and expanded, or maybe your existing security system is no longer meeting the needs of your establishment. Whatever the case may be, ABC Lock & Key are the commercial locksmiths who can take care of this situation in no time. We can install secure commercial metal doors, heavy-duty commercial deadbolt locks, and panic bars, to name just a few of our services. Have another security measure in mind that’s not listed on our commercial locksmith service page? Give our team a call to see what we can do!

We offer emergency services.

It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is just beginning to rise over the Nashville skyline, the birds are chirping, and you head to your business like you do every other day of the week. You fumble for your keys as you try to balance your morning coffee, and notice, with sudden confusion, that they’re no longer there. You peep through the tiny window of the door and yep, there they are. Right on the counter, staring at you in an almost taunting way.

The next step in this scenario would usually be panic—after all, you have a business to run, and you need to get inside before opening. This could otherwise lead to a lack of necessary sales, because people can’t shop your store if they can’t get in. But with ABC Lock & Key, this situation quickly becomes a worry-free one. With our emergency locksmith services, we’re able to get to your Nashville storefront ASAP, and within a short period of time, you’ll be continuing with business as usual.

We’re local!

Just as you appreciate local business and the community support, working with Nashville’s premier locksmiths gives right back into our city. You can trust a local business helping out your own—we’d love to build a relationship and rapport with you.

You’re immensely busy running your business, and as business owners ourselves, we completely understand what that’s like. Yet our locksmith services are dedicated to helping you out—which is why we’re the residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith of choice for Nashville. We take care of keys and locks so you don’t have to worry about it, and we’re more than happy to do so. Whether you’re updating your current locks, need a rekeying, or simply need to get into your storefront due to an accidental lockout, we’ve got you covered. Call our ABC Lock & Key today!