Anyone who visits the Music City knows what we already know: Nashville is pretty amazing. From catching live music both on and off Broadway, to checking out the amazing nature of Radnor Lake and more, there’s no limit to the amount of things to do in Nashville.

Many of us in the Nashville area can stay pretty busy with the number of events and activities going on. Whether we’re out and about on the bike, driving out to see the next big name in music, or anything in between, there are plenty of times where we might all of a sudden find ourselves in need of a locksmith. Take a look at some of the places and times where having ABC Lock & Key as your emergency locksmith of choice will not only come in handy, but give you back the time you need to experience everything that Nashville has to offer. Read on to learn more, and call ABC Lock & Key today for emergency services, auto locksmiths, and more!

Highway 421 “The Snake”

Though many would argue this highway is best appreciated more valued on a motorcycle, driving a car on Highway 421 can just as easily be enjoyable. “The Snake” stretches from Mountain City to Bristol TN, and gets its name for the twists and turns that make this drive so much fun. This road is a 33 mile route that contains 489 curves, three mountains, and one valley, making for the perfect weekend drive. With fall on its way, “The Snake” will undoubtedly get even more beautiful once the leaves start to change.

While the drive can easily be completed in a day, there is also lodging available to extend the escapade for as long as you’d like. Either way, the midway point of the drive is Shady Valley, where you can find gas, food, stores, and more. The last thing you’d want is for this drive to be cut short, or not even happen at all. If you’re gearing up for this trip and hear the sudden sound of a motorcycle key breaking off, or the slam of a locked car door (just before realizing the keys are sitting inside), the next sounds you could hear might be groans and/or choice curse words. Avoid those sounds altogether, and call the auto locksmiths at ABC Lock & Key! Our Nashville area locksmiths offer 24-hour emergency service for cars and motorcycles, and we can get you back on the road, as easy as ABC.

Radnor Lake

How is it already almost September? The seasons are changing faster than we can imagine, which means the leaves are soon to be changing as well. The end of summer/beginning of fall is the perfect time to have some last days on the water, whether with a paddleboard, a kayak, or a motorboat. The sights on the water are sure to amaze in these final days of warmth and sunshine. An equal sight that is sure to amaze might be the ripples created from your keys, falling out of that pocket you swore they’d be safe in, though this view likely will bring far less joy. Avoid diving into the cool temperatures in attempts to fumble around for keys, and instead call ABC Lock & Key. We serve the greater Nashville area, and will do what we can to reach you.

The changing colors mean that Radnor Lake is also the perfect spot for hiking, to really get a chance to take in all the views that Tennessee has to offer. The hike can take a dramatic twist, however, when upon returning to the car, the keys are nowhere to be found. When it comes to needing a locksmith in unusual circumstances, we’ve practically seen it all. Keys can slip out of pockets or a previously unnoticed hole in your hiking backpack with ease, but the trip doesn’t have to end on a sour note. Work with our locksmiths to ensure you’re able to get back home safely and soundly, ready to take on more of Tennessee’s nature in the future.

Nissan Field

Football is back (thank God) and the Titans are calling. If you’re headed to Nissan Field to catch a Titans game and tailgate, you’re going to have a great Sunday. The smell of burgers hitting the grill, the sound of cheering fans, the yells of the players—a Titans game just can’t be beat. That is, unless your keys are suddenly missing.

Maybe you’re gearing up for the game, and in the midst of packing up the car, accidentally lock your keys inside. Maybe the jumping around and celebrating Mariota’s complete TD pass resulted in the escape of the house keys. No matter how it went down, you need your keys, and now you don’t have them. ABC Lock & Key is here to make sure your game day goes according to plan—work with our auto locksmiths, residential locksmiths, and more!

Vanderbilt University

End of summer means back to school, and for many incoming freshmen, this is back to school in the big leagues. Taking your oldest off to college can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences, and with emotions running amok, it can be more than understandable to show up to college, have everything prepared, unload boxes and furniture, and then see the car keys sitting on the driver’s seat. The last thing you want is to add another emotional situation on top of the already-tearful goodbyes.

In the event that this happens, relieve some of the stress and anxiety by working with our expert locksmiths. Kids grow up so fast, one minute they’re learning to walk, and the next you’re moving them into the dorms at Vanderbilt. Whether you’re coming from down the street or out of state, it’s already a stressful day for many families—even before misplacing your keys. Contact ABC Lock & Key to turn a difficult situation into an easier and worry-free one.

Broadway and More

Whether you’re hitting up the bars and restaurants on Broadway, or keeping off the busy and tourist-friendly street, you can’t miss the show. You might be hitting up some bigger names like Sylvan Esso or Father John Misty or Harry Styles, or you might be looking for the artist who’s just starting out as many do—playing free shows at a local dive. No matter where you go for some amazing music, nothing is more sour than realizing you can’t find your keys anywhere.

Whether it’s your car keys, your motorcycle keys, house keys, or the key that your boss told you never to lose, we can hook you up. Call ABC Lock & Key for a Nashville locksmith you can trust, and get back to enjoying the show.

Relaxing at Home

Man, there’s a ton going on in Nashville! If you’re super busy all the time, if you’ve hit up lakes and trails and Broadway and everything in between, there’s a good chance Friday rolls around and the only things calling out to you are Netflix and the couch. To get home after such a busy week, walk up the steps to your front door, and to realize you left your keys at work… which is locked… and you can’t get back in until Monday… not good.

Get your weekend back on track with ABC Lock & Key. We can not only get you back into your house, but re-key your locks, duplicate keys, and so much more. We’ve been Nashville’s Top Rated Local® locksmith for a reason, and we bring the services you can trust. There are so many things to do in Nashville, and one of the best ones can always be hanging out at home. No matter where you go in Nashville and the surrounding areas, take away the stress of losing, breaking, or misplacing keys by working with us instead. Get your key situation under control, and get back to all that Nashville has to offer. Call ABC Lock & Key today!